One-day excursion (7 April 2023): Utrecht De Meern and Archeon

The one-day excursion will first take you to the site of the Roman castellum of De Meern near Utrecht. On this site, an amazingly preserved Roman barge was excavated in 1997 and now on display in a modern reconstitution of the Roman fortress. From there, we will go to the Archeon Museum Park in Alphen aan den Rijn to have lunch and then take the time to explore the various reconstructed buildings from prehistory, the Roman period and the Middle Ages. A special feature is the restoration yard where some more Roman barges are being restored, and you can also visit the local archaeology museum.

The one-day excursion has a minimum number of 30 participants, and will cost 85 EUR. This will cover bus transport, access to the Archeon Museum Park, lunch and afternoon drinks.

Two-day excursion (7-8 April 2023): following the Roman frontier from the coast to Germany

This excursion will bring you to a number of important Roman sites in the Netherlands as part of the Lower Germanic limes, that was awarded World Heritage status in 2021. We will start our exploration at the coast in Katwijk and follow the course of the river Rhine upstream all the way to Nijmegen, close to the German border. We are still working on the definitive programme, but will certainly visit the Roman barge in Utrecht De Meern and the Valkhof museum in Nijmegen.

The two-day excursion has a minimum number of 8 participants, and will cost 250 EUR. This will cover bus transport, access to the museums visited, two lunches, as well as dinner and lodging for one night.