Post-Conference Virtual Reality Environment

Post-Conference Virtual Reality

For this 50-year edition of CAA we created a post-conference VR environment for the CAA community to enjoy papers and posters presented at CAA2023 Amsterdam afterwards. The VR is freely accessible, with a room for every session in which contributions are placed. Multiple people can enter the same space, interact and communicate with each other, using a browser or a headset. Presentations can be watched and discussed, messages and images can be shared on-the-fly on graffiti walls and selfies can be made. We hope the VR may become a vibrant place to enjoy the conference after the conference.

Enter the VR environment here:

After some time, we will set the VR environment to ‘read-only’. It can then still be visited but nothing can be added. We will keep it available (for limited numbers of users at a single time) so its contents can still be enjoyed, students could visit, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Jitte Waagen (