Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is mandatory to have an active CAA membership in order to participate to the conference?

A: Yes, membership fees and registration fees are mandatory. More information regarding the CAA membership fees (renewals and how to become a member) can be found at the membership website

Q: When does the registration open for the conference?

A: The conference registration is open now. All authors will be notified about registration through an automatic email that will be send from conference’s submission system. For more information on the registration process please make sure to regularly check the registration page.

Q: Are there hybrid / online options to join the conference?

A: Unfortunately, due to the costs involved at the conference venue, we are unable to offer any hybrid or online participation at the conference itself, it will be a fully in-person event. There will be an (experimental) post-conference Virtual Reality environment where digital content of the conference can be engaged with.

Q: How do I get to Amsterdam?

A: Most travel options are listed on the Travel page, both how to get to Amsterdam, and how to get around with local public transport.

Q: Why are the conference fees higher than previous years?

A: We are aware that the registration fees are somewhat higher for this conference than they have been in recent years. We have tried our best to keep costs down, but were unable to reduce fees any further, due to a number of reasons detailed on the finances page

Q: Do you have a preferred/cheaper hotel option for this conference?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a specific hotel we can recommend, but have a look on the Accommodation page for some more information.

Q: Is lunch included in the registration fee?

A: Lunch is not included, but a range of lunch options are available, including ordering lunch bags during registration.

Q: Can I publish my paper in the proceedings?

A: Yes, in fact, it is encouraged! Due to the sometimes long publishing times of traditional proceedings, we have instead opted to go for open peer review through PCI Archaeology, which means your paper can be published online as soon as it has been accepted. More information on this process can be found on the Proceedings page.

Q: I am a student / low-income researcher, can I get financial help?

A: Bursaries to help towards the costs of attending CAA2023 are available for students and low income delegates through the CAA International website. Applications are now open. See bursaries page for further details.