Of course a good lunch is needed to re-fuel for the afternoon! Please note that lunch is not included in the registration price. However, there are ample options in and around the RAI to get lunch. Of course, you can also have lunch the Dutch way: pack or buy a sandwich in the morning and take it to the conference! Supermarkets such as Albert Heijn / AH to go have a large selection. If you want to get something else, here are the most feasible options:

Lunch bags

The first is the lunch bags that can be ordered during registration. More information to follow shortly.

Food in RAI

Within RAI itself, a number of restaurant and take-out options are available. More information is available on the RAI website.

In and around the area

Near the RAI, a number of options are available. Check out this map for some restaurants and take-out options.

Dietary requirements

The lunch boxes that can be ordered at registration cater to just about every dietary need. If you are looking for specific food nearby, here are some options:

Vegan / Vegetarian

Aubergini – Mainly veggie/vegan health focused restaurant based on aubergine. Offers a selection of dishes including burgers, aubergine wraps, quesadillas, poke bowls, salads and more.

D&A Hummus Bistro – Vegan and veggie hummus and falafel restaurant.

De Uitsmijter – Some veggie and possibly vegan options, like avocado sandwich and veggie salad.

Albert Heijn – This supermarket near the RAI stocks vegan and veggie pre-made sandwiches and wraps.

Gluten Free

Aubergini – Veggie health focused restaurant, gluten free options include nachos, soup, pokebowl and salad.